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Someone tell me that I wasn’t the only one who screamed out “TROLL” when I finished Son of Neptune. PLEASE

When Percy was actually thinking of a future with Annabeth:

When Percy just showed how AWESOME he was:

Whenever some Greek term was added in:

The fact that Grover was hardly mentioned:

AND then when you saw the connection between Sammy and Leo:

All the epic battle moments:

But then… TT^TT At it’s greatest time Rick wanted to end it. HE WANTED TO END IT.

Now I must wait MONTHS to get Mark of Athena…. And for your sake Riordan, you better hope that we (the fans) will find it amazing.

SO I’M OFF NOW. To go hibernate and cry every day till I know that Mark of Athena came out. DON’T BOTHER ME. Or I will bite you.